Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

There are three routes we usually take when deciding to take better care of ourselves. We decide to start exercising more, we start eating "better" or we tackle both at the same time. Exercise more and eat "Better" tends to be a very broad statement that is based on some preconceived notion about the way you are doing now is bad and something you read or heard is better.

Because of this, the Exercise and Nutrition world, especially the one found on the internet can be incredibly confusing as well contradicting.

There's a saying you may have heard before "you can't out exercise a bad diet." If we want true lasting results, we need to pair a quality exercise program with quality food choices. Our Healthy Lifestyle Program is designed to help you learn what quality food choices look like and how to implement them in your daily routine.

What you get-
- One on One Guidance From a Coach
- Accountability
- Month to Month Supervision
- In home visits (as needed)
- Weekly Workouts that can be done Anywhere

Cost- $90 per month.

The best part?! You do not need to be a member to join this program.

$90 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

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