CrossFit Fundamentals


Whether you are Brand new to CrossFit or coming back to it after a long break, our Fundamentals program is for you. We take the time to evaluate your body, assess your goals and put you on the path to success. The number of 1 hr sessions will vary from 1 to 5 depending on your needs and abilities. All these sessions are one on one and meant to help familiarize you with the movements you'll see in our CrossFit program as well as make you comfortable in  our gym environment. Nothing is worse than walking in to a gym feeling like you don't belong. Let our experienced staff help you on your path to a healthier you.

Each 1 hr session is $45.

Once you finished your fundamentals program you will also receive 1 month free in our Healthy Lifestyle Program. The best results our clients achieve occurs when we combine both fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes all together.

We are here to help you make real change in your life.

It's time!

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