WiscoFit Youth Strength and Conditioning


Title: WiscoFit Youth Strength and Conditioning

Description: Functional fitness program to train athletes in strength, power, and endurance for advancement in their sport.  Class objectives include: learning proper technique for deadlift, squat, presses;  Power movements for more advanced athletes to include Olympic lifting - Clean, sled pushes etc;   and Improving aerobic capacity.   

Qualifications of coaches - USA Weightlifting Certified, Doctor of Physical Therapy and multiple other functional fitness certifications.


M/W/F - 1015-1115 am

Session One: 

June 13 - July 1

Session Two:

July 11 - July 29

Session Three:

Aug 1-Aug 19

Ages 13 and up

Fee:  $120/session

**No refunds given for missed sessions**

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